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What We Do

What We Do:

We bring together elected officials and community leaders who want to impact public policy at the state and local level to provide them with training, policy expertise and the opportunity to learn from policy experts and each other.  We help them with the information and training they need to help shape the public policy process in their local community and in California so that they can more effectively serve their constituents.

We provide policy expertise and issue reports on policy developments that impact the Latino community in California.

We provide independent analysis on government actions and regulations and their impact on Latinos in California.

We work to help empower Latino leaders and the Latino community through the principles below:  


Our Principles:

Support for free enterprise and promoting free market solutions to public policy issues at the state and local level.

Advancing education reform policies that ensure every child, regardless of their ethnicity, background or economic status receives a quality education.

A strong commitment to fiscal responsibility at the state and local level.

A belief in open, transparent, honest and accountable government at all levels.

Promoting economic development through policies that help entrepreneurs and small businesses, particularly in minority communities.


Our Approach:

We identify leaders in the Latino community who have expressed an interest in in public policy issues, or who have demonstrated success in the private, non-profit or public sector. 

For community leaders we provide information and training on current policy topics. We also encourage them, and assist them in taking on leadership roles including appointments to public bodies, boards and committees. We believe that civic engagement is an important step in developing leaders in the community.

For elected officials we provide information and support to allow them to excel in their roles at the local and state level. We strive to assist elected officials to be successful in pursing policies and reforms that assist the Latino community in California.