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The Latino Leadership and Policy Forum

The Latino Leadership and Policy Forum (LLPF) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit public benefit corporation that works to develop strong leaders in the Latino community, and to provide information on important public policy issues facing California.

LLPF encourages active civic engagement and public service by members of the Latino community.

LLPF provides leadership training and development for community leaders, candidates, appointed officials and elected officials who want to increase their effectiveness in public life.

LLPF helps to develop strong and effective leaders with a focus on civic participation, free enterprise, education reform and fiscal responsibility.

Latinos and Public Policy in California:

Latinos are poised to become the dominant population group in California. In the second half of 2013, Latinos are expected to be the single largest ethnic group in the state.  By the year 2020, Hispanics are projected to be 41% of the population with non-Hispanic whites at less than 37%.

It is important to include Latinos in policy discussions and policy decisions in California. It is vital to develop civic leadership in the Latino community. LLPF works to develop Latino leaders who support and advocate for principles of free enterprise and free markets. California is the largest state in population and in economic impact in the nation.

LLPF is a non-partisan group that will work with individuals regardless of political party affiliation. Our mission is to help develop and to work with leaders who have an appreciation for the important role the Latino community plays in public policy in the state of California.